The Story of Our Team Names

While walking along the beach in the early morning I was thinking about the school and all the children in each team it suddenly struck me that you could describe each team as seashells.

pipiOur littlest children are like pipis. There are lots of them and they are very small, often clustered together in one area. They look very similar to each other.


As they develop our children become kinas. Kinas are spikey and they often get into scrapes. The kina years are difficult because children are testing the boundaries and developing their own personalities. They are finding out about friendships and starting to find their talents. The kina children have soft gooey centres and they keep their treasures hidden.

Then our oldest children become pauas. The barnacles and the old layers of shell are polished off as they complete their learning journey with us. As we prepare them for the big wide world a wonderful rainbow of colours is revealed. We celebrate their transformation into unique and attractive young people. Our work is done.paua