Religious Education

Religious Education is an integral part of life at St. Thomas More Catholic School.

The Bishop’s Council require all Catholic Schools to teach Religious Education following the National Curriculum.  Junior classes require  90 minutes per week, senior classes require 150 minutes per week to cover the curriculum.

Religious Education doesn’t start and finish in the classroom.  We encourage the children to use our school values in the playground and in any relationships they have with other people.  Reconciliation is the main focus for our Peer Mediation Programme.  Senior students are trained in conflict resolution.  They take turns to be available in the playground during interval and lunch throughout the year.

In year 4 the Parish Team prepares our students for Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  These lessons are taken outside of school in the evenings and information is published in our school magazine so that parents can register.

Mass is an important part of our Religious Education programme and each week Team Paua takes responsibility for preparing a Friday Mass. This is a great opportunity for the school to assist the parishioners by taking roles in prayer and song. Often the “buddy classes” go together, which means junior and middle school students attend a weekday Mass at least once a term.

During the year the whole school attends Mass on a Sunday morning, at least once a term. Two very important occasions include the start of the year Mass and St Thomas More Day (June 22nd).  These are always happy and fulfilling celebrations and it is important you attend with your children.

To show your commitment to your child attending our Catholic School you are encouraged to attend Mass at least once a month.

There are several Mass times in our area – please contact the Parish for Mass times.  Sunday morning there is a 9.30 am Mass at St Thomas More.  (Children’s Liturgy is held every Sunday at St Thomas More. This is a good opportunity for our children to meet together outside of school time).

Children’s Liturgy is very well supported by our school families.  60% of families attend on a regular basis.