Parent Groups

Parent, Teacher and Friends Association

The role of the PTFA (Parent, Teacher and Friends Association) at St. Thomas More is to fundraise for extra resources for our students and staff and to contribute to the community spirit here at our school.   We provide a vital link between home and school and we have a dedicated group of parents that work hard towards our goals.  New members are always welcome!

We have some regular events held each year, such as the Term 1 Disco for students and their families and the much anticipated Hot Dog lunch at the school cross country event.  After each School Mass the PTFA provide a cup of tea for parents and parishioners and tempting treats at the cake stall, which is always well supported.    Along with these regular fundraising opportunities, the PTFA hold other fundraising events interspersed throughout the school year.

The PTFA’s AGM is held in September, usually on the first Monday of the month.  You can check the PTFA notice board at school for the date and time of each meeting.  We would welcome any new ideas and suggestions you may wish to come along and contribute.

Parent Volunteers

We have a number of parents who help at the school, by coaching sports teams, assisting with transport and supervision on trips or by providing expert knowledge to support class programmes.  The students achieve high levels in sport, cultural events and performing arts because of the dedication of parents and we all appreciate this special gift.  In the past, hockey and chess have been strengths (with students representing at regional level).  At the moment our teams are dominant in Flippaball, RippaRugby, Kiwitag and Netball.  The success of our teams is directly connected to the interest level of parents.  When parents choose to support a sport through coaching and managing then that sport is the most dominant one at the time.  For many parents who work, having generous people to give their time and energy to helping our students makes all of the difference.

One of main school values is common good which means that one person’s contribution benefits everyone.

Anyone who is interested in coaching/managing can contact our Sports Co-ordinator to find out how to access training from Sport Bay of Plenty and other organisations.

We laughingly refer to the lollipop rule – when you are on the sideline take a lollipop with you as a way of insuring only positive comments are heard!  This will help you resist the urge to take over coaching on the spot.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the legally recognised governing body of St. Thomas More Catholic School.  The government allocates funding in quarterly instalments and the Board is responsible for ensuring that the children receive the best education possible.  This includes appointing staff, maintaining the property, abiding by the legal acts and laws.

The Board is made up of five parents elected by parents/caregivers, four Bishop’s appointees selected by the Parish Priest and approved by the Bishop, a staff representative and the Principal.

The Board meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at 6.00 pm  at the school.  These meetings are open to the public.  NZ School Trustees Assocation (NZSTA) clarifies the role of members of the public attending BOT meetings, as follows.  Members of the public are always welcome to come in and sit in on all or part of a board meeting.  BOT meeting agendas are created by the BOT Chair and Principal and are usually quite full.  Meetings usually include a curriculum or learning focus, a Principal’s Report, Finance Report, Policy & Procedure review and a number of other items of business.  Anyone wishing to add an item to the agenda, must provide the item in writing to the BOT Chairperson or Principal at least ten days prior to the scheduled meeting.  Whether or not the item will appear on the next meeting’s agenda will depend firstly on whether the item is a governance matter appropriate to be discussed by the BOT, or a day to day management issue which is more appropriately dealt with by the Principal.  A second consideration is the number of items already on the agenda.  When members of the public attend meetings we have been advised that they do not have speaking rights unless invited to do so by the BOT.

Current Board Members are  Mrs Caroline Schweder Goad (Chairperson – Parent Representative), Mrs Carla Robertson (Deputy Chairperson – Parent Representative), Mrs Ruth Dunne (Parent Representative), Mr Luke Perrott (Parent Representative), Miss Kath Joblin (Principal), Mr Richard Webster (Staff Representative), Mrs Kerry Duncan (Deputy Principal) Mrs Cathy Bywater Lutman  (Bishop’s Appointee) and Father Stuart Young (Bishop’s Appointee).