Early enrolment of a child makes the school’s organisation a lot easier.  Funding is based on projected roll numbers confirmed later by actual attendance.


Simply contact the school and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to show you around our school and explain the enrolment process.

You can also contact the school and we can send out our enrolment pack to you.  For integrated schools, the Government and the Church have laid down guidelines for people who wish to enrol their children in a Catholic School.  This means baptised Catholics require a Preference Card before starting , see explanation below.  People not of the Catholic faith can apply to enrol in a Catholic School (“Non Preference”).  Non preference children are expected to take a full part in all aspects of the school life and have the same opportunities and responsibilities as the “Preference” children.  Places are given to children on the basis of availability. If you are in doubt as to whether your child qualifies as a “Preference” child please consult the guideline below and if still uncertain, contact the Principal who will assist you.


The Criteria Promulgated by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which are used by the Proprietors and their Agents, in order to Grant Preference of Enrolment are:

  1. The child has been baptised or is being prepared for baptism  in the Catholic Church
  2. The child’s parents/guardians have already allowed one or more of its siblings to be baptised in the Catholic Faith
  3. At least one parent/guardian is a Catholic, and although their child has not yet been baptised, the child’s participation in the life of the school could lead to the parents having the child baptised.
  4. With the agreement of the child’s parent/guardian, a grandparent or other significant adult in the child’s life, such as an aunt, uncle or godparent, undertakes to support the child’s formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church.
  5. One or both of a child’s non-Catholic parents/guardians is preparing to become a Catholic.

Administration of the Criteria – Standard Procedures

The following have been authorised by the Bishop of Hamilton as his agent in making the de facto judgement about each case.

  1. Parish Priest
  2. Deacon or Assistant Priest


Stationery packs can be purchased through the school office.


You can buy everything from our school office, with the exception of footwear (shoes, sandals, tights/socks).

Girl’s Uniform

Navy culottes +  polo shirt + Navy School polar fleece

Summer    Black sandals    School House Coloured Cap or Coloured Sun Hat

Winter    Black shoes    Navy socks/Navy tights

Boy’s Uniform

Navy shorts + polo shirt + Navy School Polar Fleece

Summer    Black sandals    School House Coloured Cap or Coloured Sun Hat

Winter    Black shoes    Navy socks