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Little Pebbles

We would like to tell you about our highly successful St. Thomas More Catholic School Little Pebbles Group.  Little Pebbles is for children who have enrolled at our school and who are four and a half.

There are lots of advantages in belonging to our pre-school group. Little Pebbles will get to know where everything is and who everybody is before they formally start their primary school education. We will get to know you and your family in an informal, creative situation. Because you will be there, our teachers can have chats about the things you know which will help your child settle into school life. Our Little Pebbles will be welcomed into an environment which values your Catholic faith and cultural heritage.

The anxiety which some children have at starting school will be lessened by their regular involvement in a weekly pre-school session. They will make friends with the children who will be starting school at the same time.

At the moment our new entrants come from 24 kindergartens, day care and pre-school centres so coming to school with a friend is less likely. If your child comes to Little Pebbles on a regular basis then s/he will quickly learn the names of children who have the same birthday month as s/he does. You will get to know the families, the Mums and Dads, of the children who are starting with your son or daughter.
Joining the Little Pebbles club will be the start of a great relationship between home and school. Afterall we know that the most important thing about learning is the relationships we create!

For health and safety reasons we need each child to be accompanied by their carer. It could be Mum or Dad, Nana or Pop, a neighbour who has a child starting school, or a big sister. The maximum number of children we would have at any one time would be 15 so there may be a waiting list. If you register your interest we will make sure that you get the call at least three months before your child starts school on his/her birthday.

It is proposed that the sessions will be every Wednesday afternoon during term time from 1.15p.m. to 2.30p.m.

  • We will begin our sessions with a greeting, prayer and song.
  • This will be followed by a shared book story, where we will focus on one or two things per reading e.g.  parts of a book, letters and words, punctuation, recalling and predicting the story.
  • The children will then move into 3 groups and contribute to  a  Literacy, Maths, or inquiry activity.
  • The children will select a book from our Library to take home to read and bring back, the following week.

This is only an example of how a session could run. As we get to know your children the sessions will develop to meet the needs of the group. A scrapbook or learning journal will be developed over the ten weeks your child attends the Little Pebbles club. A great way for us to get to know your child and for you to find out more about how we do things at St.Thomas More.

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