Our school is a very successful school.  We are like boutique wine – we don’t have a lot but it’s quality!

The same students get to participate in a variety of sports teams, not like in a big school where there usually are a lot of children competing for a limited number of spaces. We have had our successes in hockey over the last 10 years due to the dedication of a small group of parents. Many of our hockey players are now in secondary representative teams.

Our two senior teachers, have been building our capacity in kiwitag and rippa rugby over the last 5 years.  Our trophy cabinet is full of their achievements.  Our school teams are regularly selected for regional competitions.

Our school participates in Flippa Ball, Kiwi Tag, Rippa Rugby and Cricket.  During the winter terms our teams compete in basketball, miniball and netball.

Our middle and senior school participates in a Swimming Programme at Baywave during Term 3. The Junior school is involved in Term 4.  Your Parent Contribution covers the Swimming Programme.

Cross Country is held in Term 2 at Grenada Park. The whole school participates.

We hold our School Athletics Day on the neighbouring Grenada Park in Term 4. There is a middle and senior section which is competitive. The Junior school takes part in tabloid sports and races, in a less formal setting. Parents and grandparents often come along for a picnic and to support their children.