School Camp


St.Thomas More Year 5 and 6 spend a week at the start of December every year at Ngamuwahine Lodge in the Kaimais. We are very fortunate to have a good relationship with Tauranga Intermediate who own and manage the Lodge. This enables us to have a regular timeslot for camp in a very well maintained and organised environment.

Students are nominated for teams or tribes and teachers set challenges for the tribes throughout the week. Parents apply to be part of the Ngamuwahine experience and their input is priceless! The chance to spend a week in the bush in the company of 45-55 nine and ten year olds is one of those memories of a lifetime chances.

The lodge is situated in paddocks and bush at the end of Ngamuwahine Road, off State Highway 29 If you are heading from Tauranga to Hamilton you travel for 10 minutes long the highway until you pass the Kaimai School on the crest of the hill and then head down the dip. Soldiers Road will be on the right of you and the Ngamuwahine Road will be on the left. It is a metal road and it’s not very wide so be cautious about your speed as you are heading up to the camp.

Ngamuwahine Lodge has bush walks, Burma trails, rope courses, kayaking, rafting, overnight camps and conservation trails. During the week our students are involved in preparation for meals, chores, outdoor activities and concerts as well as the Camp Mass which is held before the special leadership dinner where the Year 5 serve the Year 6 ( as a token of their appreciation before the Year 6 leave at the end of the year).